The emotional side of babywearing

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The emotional side of babywearing: Why babywearing is not only practical, but also enriching for parents

Carrying babies and toddlers in a sling is far more than just a practical way of transporting them. It is an experience that creates a deep emotional bond between parents and children and enriches family life in many ways. In this blog post, we want to shed light on the emotional side of babywearing by sharing personal stories from parents who have experienced babywearing as a source of joy, connection and enrichment.

Turn everyday routines into special moments

Babywearing allows parents to turn even the most mundane tasks such as cooking, cleaning or shopping into little adventures. Feeling the warm weight of your child against you as you go about your daily chores creates precious moments of bonding and closeness.

Enjoy the closeness and security

Babywearing offers a unique opportunity to intensify the closeness and security between parents and children. Being close together not only promotes bonding, but also gives the child a sense of security and trust, which is of great importance for their emotional development.

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Create unforgettable memories

Many parents talk about the unforgettable moments they experience when babywearing in a sling – whether it’s going for a walk in the park, exploring new places or simply cuddling at home. These precious memories will stay in their hearts for a lifetime and form the basis for a strong parent-child bond.

Use babywearing as a way to relax

For many parents, babywearing is a welcome opportunity to take time out and relax. The gentle rocking and the closeness of the child can reduce stress and convey a feeling of calmness and contentment.

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Recognise the importance of small moments

Babywearing teaches us to appreciate and savour the little moments in life – be it a baby’s gentle smile, the soft snores during sleep or the tiny hands clasped around our fingers. These seemingly insignificant moments are what make life truly worth living.

Share your experiences and stories

As parents who experience babywearing as an enrichment of their family life, it is important to share these experiences and stories. By sharing our personal experiences with others, we can encourage them to discover babywearing as a source of joy and connection in their own lives.


Babywearing is not only a practical way of transporting babies and toddlers, but also a valuable source of emotional closeness and bonding between parents and children. By recognising and appreciating the emotional side of babywearing, we can enrich family life in a very special way and enjoy the little moments of happiness and love to the full.