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Excursions and travelling with a baby

Carriers for travelling: Practical tips for excursions and trips with baby Travelling with a baby [...]

An enjoyable time with your baby in summer

Wearing your baby with love in summer: tips for an enjoyable time with your baby [...]

The emotional side of babywearing

The emotional side of babywearing: Why babywearing is not only practical, but also enriching for [...]

Babywearing while breastfeeding

Babywearing while breastfeeding: how babywearing can support breastfeeding Wearing your baby and breastfeeding are two [...]

Dads with babywearing slings

Babywearing for dads: Why the sling is not just for mums Babywearing in a sling [...]

Fun moments in the sling

A classic: your baby is in the carrier and suddenly a tiny hand slips out [...]

The right slings for the summer

Summer is just around the corner and many parents are still looking for a comfortable [...]

Bonding in a Sling

Carrying a baby allows parents to establish a close physical connection with their baby. Through [...]

How do slings provide safety?

When a baby is carried in a sling, it can feel the movements of the [...]

Slings are simply practical

When you travel, the baby sling can be particularly useful. You can simply roll it [...]

Are slings suitable for beginners

Slings have many advantages, including the fact that they are easy to use after a [...]

The most beautiful thing about babywearing is

There is nothing more important for a baby than closeness and attention from its caregivers. [...]

Positive effects of babywearing

It is important for parents to cuddle and carry their baby, as physical contact gives [...]

Slings made of hemp are good for health

Tragetücher aus Hanf sind nicht nur langlebig und umweltfreundlich, sondern auch besonders hautfreundlich. Wenn du [...]

Slings made from hemp – Why they are the perfect choice

Slings made of hemp are a popular choice for parents who want to carry their [...]

3 Ways to carry children for life

As parents, our lives are forever changed the moment our children enter the world. Our [...]

Breastfeeding in the Ring Sling – How to breastfeed with the carrier

For many moms, breastfeeding is an important part of their baby’s early years. Ring slings [...]

Our Jacquard Weave

With our cotton jacquard weaving, the patterns, symbols and pictures were woven directly into the [...]

Colored Slings with plant dye

Plant dyed slings and ring slings are very special. Dyeing fabrics requires a lot of [...]

How we create a custom baby sling

your customized baby sling On this page, you get an overview on how you get [...]

Linen: Advantages of baby slings or ring slings

More and more parents, both men and women, are opting for sustainable and natural methods [...]

Founding of mariblum – Babywearing

How the babywearing sling came about Hello, we are Nicole and Hagen from mariblum, and [...]

About babywearing

Cuddeling newborn baby Cuddling is very important for your newborn baby, because the body contact [...]

About mariblum babywearing Slings

Unique Slings… Our mariblum slings are made from 100% hemp, which has been grown organically [...]

Benefits of Hemp

Hemp is a long-fibred plant with a low elasticity. This makes even thin hemp slings [...]