Positive effects of babywearing


It is important for parents to cuddle and carry their baby, as physical contact gives the baby security and safety and strengthens the bond between parents and baby. Physical closeness leads to the release of the cuddle hormone oxytocin, which strengthens the bond.

Frequent carrying allows babies to calm down more quickly and discover the world around them with greater self-confidence. Studies show that frequently carried babies cry up to 50% less.

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Slings, ring slings or baby carriers are a natural and comfortable way to carry newborns. Babies need the closeness of their parents from birth and carrying them in the parent’s arms offers the baby this closeness that a pram or cot cannot provide.

Slings and ring slings made of hemp are a good choice because they relieve the baby’s weight and the sling is stable and comfortable to wear. Hemp fibres are also thin and have natural temperature regulation, making them a good choice for hot summer days.


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In addition to the benefits of carrying already mentioned, it can also help to promote the development of the baby’s brain. The physical closeness and touch sends signals to the baby’s brain that can promote the growth and development of neural connections. Carrying can also help to improve the baby’s posture and motor skills, as he or she sits in an ergonomic position in the carrier or sling and the weight is distributed evenly over the wearer’s body.

Therefore, babywearing is an important and valuable way for parents to build a strong bond with their baby while supporting the baby’s development.