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red ring sling made of hemp called rose

Cuddeling newborn baby

Cuddling is very important for your newborn baby, because the body contact gives security. It also strengthens the bond between parents and their baby. Maybe remember the early days of your relationship with your partner. You have cuddled a lot, held hands and enjoy to spend every second together. That’s exactly what your newborn baby wants from you now. This is because the cuddle hormone “oxytocin”, which is released during physical proximity, strengthens this bond.

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How to calm down your baby

We can say from our own experience, that frequently carried babies calmed down more quickly. Another benefit is, they start to discover the world around them with great self-confidence. Studies showed frequently carried babies cry 50% less. Believe us, no parents want to hear their baby cry.

Slings, RingSlings or baby carriers are the most natural and comfortable way to carry your newborn baby. Babies love to be close to their parents. Carrying a child in its parents’ arm allows it to feel the closeness, that a pram or crib can never give. With a sling or RingSling you are also more free in everyday life. For example,you can go for a walk with your baby in the baby sling, go shopping or even do the annoying household chores.

How we can help you

Our babywearing slings and Ring Slings, made of 100% oganic, fairly grown hemp, make sure that you are relieved noticeably when carrying your child. The woven natural fibres give the sling the right form stability and ensure that your child is securely tied in the sling. Hemp allows the babywearing sling to be particularly thin. This makes it very easy to tighten and the stability of the fibre makes it very comfortable to wear. These properties, combined with the natural temperature regulation of the hemp fibre, make a mariblum babywearing sling the right choice for you and your child on hot summer days.


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