About mariblum babywearing Slings


Unique Slings…

Our mariblum slings are made from 100% hemp, which has been grown organically and fairly within the EU. Every sling is lovingly planned by us and dyed by hand with plant colour. Depending on the colour, the fabrics are not dyed completely evenly, but are given a pattern that resembles marble. In this way beautiful unique specimens can be acquired from us.

The slings are wonderfully thin and very stable. This makes them perfect for very small babies, but also for toddlers. You’ll get them very lightly tightened and very tightly bound. The material adapts perfectly to you and your child. If your child is a part-time running, you can easily stow our fabrics, they find a place in (almost) every bag.

The mariblum baby slings are already soft when they arrive. But by embedding your little treasure they become quickly even softer. You will certainly notice this effect already with the second binding.

Ring Slings

…made of hemp

Our babywearing ring slings and slings are made from 100% hemp, which is grown organically and fairly within the EU. This way you get a sustainable, comfortable babywearing sling for both you and your baby – comfortable for both of you and guaranteed to have a lot of fun.

Hemp textiles love water and do not like dry heat. So you’re doing them a favor by just putting them in clear water once in a while. You can then iron them with steam in a slightly damp state. Hemp textiles don’t like dry heat, so please don’t put them in the dryer.

Our logo, which is attached to every sling, is made of non-toxic imitation leather. We placed the label in the cover of the sling, where the rings are sewn. It is certified and made of recycled polyester.

Note: Of course, our slings are free of hallucinogenic substances ;-). Hemp slings are not applicable as a drug.

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Ring Slings

Squirrel Ring Sling


Ring Slings

Zephyr Ring Sling

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