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The 5 funniest moments when babywearing - A tongue-in-cheek look at the unexpected situations that only parents experience when babywearing

As parents, we all know those unforgettable moments that happen to us while babywearing our little ones. From the heart-warmingly sweet to the absolutely hilarious, there are plenty of babywearing experiences that can make us laugh. In this blog post, we take a humorous look at the five funniest moments when babywearing and share a few tips on how to master them effectively.

1. The Explorer-Hand

A classic: your baby is in the carrier and suddenly a tiny hand slips out of the carrier to explore the world outside. It’s as if your baby has a secret plan to make you smile. Tip: Always keep one hand free to keep the “explorer hand” in check, or simply enjoy the moment and let your baby explore the world (under supervision of course!).

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Your baby falls asleep peacefully in the carrier and you think you can finally get something done. But suddenly your baby starts making the wildest movements in their sleep, as if they’re on a secret mission. It’s hard to tell if they’re dreaming or if it’s just part of their sweet little chaos. Tip: If your baby becomes an acrobat in their babywearing sleep, try gently rocking and making soothing noises to continue their sleep.


When your baby is teething or simply having a drooling day, the carrier can become a canvas for an impressive piece of drool art. Before you know it, a trail of drool has soaked through the carrier, making it look like your baby has tried to create an abstract masterpiece. Tip: Always keep a clean nappy or wipe to hand to withstand unexpected drool and enjoy your baby’s creative expression!


Sometimes your baby has other plans than you. While you think it’s time to take them out of the carrier, your little one decides that they want to cuddle right now – with you inside. A sweet struggle begins as you try to wriggle out of the carrier while your baby clings on and wraps you around their finger with their adorable smile. Tip: Enjoy these cuddly moments full of warmth and try to use the babywearing time as an additional opportunity for closeness and bonding.


You’re carrying your baby and suddenly you hear noises that you can’t identify – is it a burp, a gurgle or something else entirely? Your baby seems to be speaking its own language as it happily sits in the carrier and explores its surroundings. Tip: Let yourself be carried away by your baby’s funny noises and observe how they experience the world in their own unique way.

Memories are what remains

All in all, these moments are not only amusing, but also a reminder of how wonderful and unpredictable life with a baby can be. So let yourself be surprised by the little curiosities of babywearing and enjoy every moment with your little adventurer!