The right slings for the summer

green ring sling made of certific organic linen

Summer is just around the corner and many parents are still looking for a comfortable way to carry their baby without getting too hot from the bindings. Hemp slings are the perfect solution. Our slings are absolutely perfect for the summer heat because they are not only breathable and cooling, but they also offer a safe and cosy feeling for you and your baby.

The hemp sling is breathable

Our linen slings are made from 100% natural linen fibre, which offers a number of advantages over other materials. Compared to synthetic fabrics such as polyester or nylon, linen is a natural material that is breathable and cooling. The fibre structure of linen is hollow and can therefore absorb more air than other materials. This means that it allows the wearer to wick away heat and moisture, creating a comfortable feel.

Another advantage of linen slings is that they dry quickly and do not stay damp. When you are out and about in spring and sweating, this can be uncomfortable and make the baby restless. However, linen slings are designed to absorb moisture quickly and dry quickly so that the baby always stays dry and comfortable.

Another important point is that linen slings become softer and more comfortable with every wash. Unlike cotton, which can become hard as it dries, linen becomes softer and more comfortable to wear over time. This means that you can use it again and again and still feel that it is still as good as new.

It’s fair to say that our linen slings are an excellent choice for spring. With their breathable and cooling properties, quick drying and ability to become softer with each wash, they are an ideal way to carry baby close to the body without sweating or feeling uncomfortable.

The sustainability of linen

It is widely recognised that sustainability is crucial in today’s world. In this context, it is important to understand how we as consumers can influence our purchasing decisions to protect our environment. In this context, linen slings offer a promising alternative to traditional materials such as polyester or nylon, which are made from petroleum.

The main advantage of linen slings is that they are made from a natural resource – the flax plant. Unlike synthetic materials, the production process of linen is much more environmentally friendly as it is less energy intensive and less harmful to the environment. There are also fewer toxic chemicals used in the production of linen slings, which means there is less toxic waste being released into the environment.

Linen is also characterised by its durability. Unlike other materials that have to be replaced after a short time, a linen sling can be used for years. This is because linen has a high level of strength and durability, which enables it to withstand heavy use. Thanks to these properties, a linen sling can still look as good after many years as it did on the first day.

Linen ring sling for small babies

Children are often very active and wear out their clothes quickly. However, linen fabric is very resistant and can remain in good condition even after several washes. In addition, linen fabric is hypoallergenic and can help children with sensitive skin or allergies to feel comfortable.

Some parents may wonder whether linen fabric is difficult to care for. In fact, it is relatively easy to wash and dry. However, linen fabric should not be stretched excessively or it may lose its shape. It should also be ironed on a low heat to prevent damage to the fabric.

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