Excursions and travelling with a baby

Carriers for travelling: Practical tips for excursions and trips with baby

Travelling with a baby can be a challenge, but babywearing can offer a practical solution to make outings and trips less stressful. In this blog post, we’ll share practical tips on how you can use babywearing to make travelling with your little one easier and more enjoyable.

Why is babywearing so beneficial when travelling?

Carrying your baby offers numerous benefits when travelling:

  • Hands free: babywearing leaves your hands free to do other things, whether it’s packing your bag, buying tickets or eating on the go.
  • Flexibility:: You can visit places that would be difficult to reach with a pushchair, such as narrow streets, public transport or hiking trails.
  • Calming: Babywearing often calms restless babies and helps them feel safe and secure, even in unfamiliar environments.
  • Physical contact: Babywearing allows you to maintain close physical contact with your baby, which is particularly important when they feel unsafe in a new environment.

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Practical tips for babywearing on the go:

  • Choose the right outfit: opt for clothes that are both comfortable and functional. Wear clothes that are easy to clean and suitable for carrying your baby without getting in the way. Please do not use poly (e.g. polyester) as fabric. This builds up heat. Use fabrics made from linen, hemp or silk instead.
  • Pack light: Avoid taking too much with you. Pack only the essentials and keep your bag light so that you can move freely.
  • Planfor breaks: Even though carrying is convenient, it can be tiring, especially on longer trips. Plan regular breaks to rest and calm your baby.
  • Keep cool: Babywearing can get warm quickly in hot weather, so make sure to keep yourself and your baby cool. Wear light, breathable clothing and make sure your baby doesn’t overheat.
  • Be flexible:Travelling with a baby can be unpredictable, so be flexible and ready to adjust your plans. Be patient and enjoy your time with your little one, no matter what.