Linen: Advantages of baby slings or ring slings


More and more parents, both men and women, are opting for sustainable and natural methods of transport for their newborn. Linen slings and ring slings with linen are at the top of the list. But why is that so? What are the special advantages of these baby carriers?

The linen sling becomes more delicate with each use.

Linen slings are incredibly robust and breathable.
They are suitable for all tying methods, so you can carry your baby exactly how you want. Our baby slings and ring slings are soft from the start. However, they do become a little more gentle and softer with each use, so you will soon have a baby wrap that is soft for you and your baby.
Children always feel very comfortable in a linen babywearing sling because they feel a firm grip and thus close to the body.

Linen for baby slings is obtained from the stems of the flax plant. More air is trapped in the fibres, which explains the high breathability of the wrap.

The linen baby sling is an absolutely natural product and therefore particularly sustainable. Many mothers and fathers find it particularly pleasing that it becomes softer each time it is worn.

The baby sling has a refreshing effect in summer, thanks to the breathable linen fiber. Although the fabrics are thin, they are sturdy.
An obvious advantage of linen slings.

Another advantage that many parents see in linen babywearing slings is the fact that flax is practically lint-free.

In addition, they are also:

    • Resistant
    • Dirt repellents
    • have a natural cooling effect and
    • good air permeability

Ring slings made of linen – also for small children

With linen ring slings, your baby is especially close to you and can feel your heartbeat and warmth at all times. The ring sling is a short pouch, which is attached to two rings. It is made of linen, which makes it particularly attractive and solid, but at the same time extraordinarily stable and flexible. With each use, the fabric becomes softer and more comfortable – a typical characteristic of linen. The breathable linen fibre is pleasantly cool in summer and offers your child a natural environment – without synthetic materials.

With a linen ring sling, the child’s weight can be optimally distributed and the child is held very well in the linen ring sling – without losing the closeness to the parent. This is certainly one of the reasons why many parents choose a baby wrap with linen rings.

Colours obtained from plants complement the sustainable production of baby carriers and slings with linen rings. So your baby can feel your closeness in a natural fabric, without artificial influences.

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