11 good reasons for babywearing in a sling


Slings and ring slings offer a variety of benefits for parents and babies. Here are some of the main benefits of babywearing.

Supports breastfeeding

Studies have shown, that mothers who give their babies more physical contact, have fewer problems with breastfeeding. This is, because physical contact with the baby promotes milk production. A baby sling can be used to make this more successful.

Helps against the “baby blues”

Mothers who give their babies a lot of skin contact, especially in the early days, are less likely to develop post-natal depression.

Helps the baby grow

Premature babies, whose mothers practised skin-to-skin contact with baby carriers, gained weight and size much faster.

Promotes well-being

The warmth and touch during carrying stimulate the release of oxytocin in mother and baby. This creates anti-stress effects that can, for example, cause lowered blood pressure in the mother.

Closeness and connection

Slings allow parents to keep their baby close and foster a close bond. The baby feels secure and safe, while at the same time having the opportunity to explore the world around them.


Slings allow parents to take their baby with them without worrying about lugging around a pram. They are particularly useful in confined spaces or on uneven terrain where a pram might have difficulty.


Slings can be adapted to the needs of the baby and the wearer. There are different ways of carrying that are suitable for babies of different ages and sizes. Slings can also be used to carry the baby in different positions, such as on the back, on the hip or in front of the chest.

Support for posture and development

Slings support the baby’s natural posture and development. They hold the baby in an ergonomic position that promotes hip development and prevents back and neck problems.


Slings allow parents to carry their baby while doing other activities. They can wear the baby while they go for a walk, go shopping or even do chores.

Cost saving

Slings are usually less expensive than other carrying options such as prams or baby carriers. They can also be used for several years, reducing the cost even more over time.


Our mariblum slings and ring slings are more environmentally friendly than other babywearing options, because they use less material in manufacturing. We consciously avoid the use of plastic packaging and our hand-dyed slings do not use harmful chemicals.

So what could be more sensible and beautiful than carrying your baby in a sling?
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