Colored Slings with plant dye


Plant dyed slings and ring slings are very special. Dyeing fabrics requires a lot of time, patience and skill! Industrial techniques for dyeing fabrics can not compete with these special results.

Plant Dye Or Industrial Dyeing?

Plants have been used to dye hemp, linen and cotton for centuries. However, since fabrics are dyed with synthetic dyes and the circulation of textiles has increased enormously, plant dyeing has declined sharply. Too high is the expenditure of labor, time and of course the sowing and harvesting of the plants. For this reason, plant-dyed slings, ring slings and baby blankets are rare. This makes them very special for you and your baby.

What is dyed with?

To dye with plants can take different flowers, leaves and roots. Depending on what result would like to achieve. The colors of our plant-dyed slings and ring slings made of hemp and linen, as well as the baby blankets made of organically grown cotton are long-lasting and have a high intensity. This is sustainable and protects the environment.

How Long Does Dyeing With Plants Take?

It takes a lot of time until we also see the results by dyeing on the slings. Sometimes a few weeks or months. Especially hemp and linen need more effort and preparation than the vegetable dyeing of cotton. This work is worth it because the colors of our slings, ring slings and baby blankets turn out very deep and varied. The depth of color comes from the higher number of pigments.  Of course, despite this, all our products are wash and fade resistant and thus retain their appearance even with frequent use.

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Ring Slings

Squirrel Ring Sling


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Zephyr Ring Sling

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mariblum Sling And Ring Sling Made Of Hemp With Plant Color

Even though our ring slings, baby slings and baby blankets are always dyed using the same process, the result is always a unique piece that surprises us anew. Plant dye can not be applied one to one on hemp, linen or cotton. Each piece of fabric looks a little different. If you look at the spread out sling, you will notice this difference. The varying color shades imperceptibly harmonize perfectly with each other. This makes our ring slings, baby slings and baby blankets absolutely unique and a real eye-catcher. The naturalness of the materials and the processing is not only good for your skin and that of your baby, but also for the environment.

Plant Dye – Environmentally Friendly And Sustainable

We round off our claim to environmental friendliness and sustainability with the combination of fabrics made from hemp and linen and dyeing with plants. Our baby blankets are made from organically grown cotton. The plants come partly from our garden or are also collected by us in the surrounding area. So you can use our slings, ring slings and baby blankets for you and your baby with a clear conscience. We wish you a lot of joy with it.