mariblum business – the Affiliate-Marketing-Programme by mariblum

Try out our easy usable tools to create content for your homepage, channel or blog without any programming knowledge. With our simple tools it is easy to redirect your audience to mariblum and earn commission.

Create a link directly from the desktop that you can put on your homepage. Alternatively, you can post this link on social media or on Linktree.

Every verified purchase that is generated via one of your links is tracked and credited to you in the form of a 10% commission.

We provide you with ready-made advertising material that you are welcome to include on your website. The source code can be easily integrated into any part of your homepage using copy & paste and, if necessary, modified.


Especially for babywearing consulants and others who use and present our products, the QR codes that can be created with a click of the mouse should be the method of choice.

The QR codes contain an affiliate link that reliably tracks the event.

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